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Proposed Hamley Bridge Chemist Development - Community Consultation

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Council has been approached by a developer wishing to purchase the vacant land adjacent to the Medical Centre (Part Lot 2 D78987) including the narrow access road that adjoins the vacant land boundary to the east.

The proposed development includes:
  • The construction of a new chemist facility alongside the Hamley Bridge Medical Centre, with a potential breezeway between the two buildings; and
  • removal of the existing public toilet facility with a new disability compliant public toilet to be constructed by council and located in the parks and gardens area on the corner of Gilbert and Light Street.
  • See detailed map below of the development stages.

Council sees this potential development as an excellent opportunity for Hamley Bridge residents, with a brand new chemist and public toilet facility key outcomes.

An important consideration for Council is the proposed removal of the access road that adjoins the vacant land boundary to the east.  The developer would like to include this land as part of the development.  The removal of the access road may impact some residents however, it is important to note that the rear access to the carpark would be maintained via Gilbert Street and Light Street West.

The developer has indicated that the construction of the new chemist would not occur for approximately three years. It is also important to note that the existing public toilets would not be closed/removed until Council has constructed the new facility.

Hamley Bridge residents are invited to provide feedback on the proposed land sale, future development and location of the new public toilets. Consultation will remain open until Friday 23 August 2019.

If you have any question in relation to this development, please contact Christopher Parish on 8862 0800.

Feedback is requested by way of a written submission by email admin@wrc.sa.gov.au or post PO Box 167, BALAKLAVA, SA 5461.

HB development map