Barking Dogs

Dogs make wonderful pets and companions for people of all ages. But what do you do if your dog is becoming a nuisance to your neighbours due to excessive barking? Dog barking is one of the most commonly reported problems to Council. Barking is a perfectly natural and common behavior in dogs. However, excessive, prolonged or repetitive barking is an issue that needs to be addressed.

As a dog owner you are responsible for making sure your dog’s barking does not become a problem. It is your responsibility to take control of the well-being of your dog, including its physical and mental well-being.

For more information about barking dogs click here to view the Good Dog SA Barking Information Sheet. For more information about owning a dog, visit the Dog and Cat Management Board website on


Wakefield Regional Council Dog and Cat Management Plan

Animal Management Plan 2017 – 2022  


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