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Port Wakefield
Procedures For Delivering Waste to the Waste Depot
Gas Cylinders - Cylinders must be emptied by the depositor before they will be accepted. They must be put in their own segregated area, and not put in with scrap metal. Scrap metal is recycled in Adelaide and any hidden cylinders will explode when fed into machinery, which cause damage to machinery and there is a high risk of injury to operators. Gas cylinders must not be deposited of via the kerbside collection or landfill.
Paint Tins - If paint tins are empty they go into the scrap metal segregation; if they contain paint they must be segregated separately. This is to avoid paint spilling over Council machinery when being loaded onto trucks and into skips. Unwanted paint should be brushed out onto newspaper and allowed to dry, then disposed of via domestic waste. Empty paint containers should be left open in a well ventilated area to dry out. When dry, recycle the containers via steel can recycling programs.
Smoke Detectors - Smoke detectors contain a small amount of a radio active element. If a smoke detector is damaged it may release this element into the atmosphere. Therefore they should not be put in household waste (kerbside collection) or to landfill. Council has containers at the waste depots to hold smoke detectors, which will periodically be transferred to the EPA Hazardous Household Waste Depot for destruction.
Green Waste - Green waste must be free of all contaminates such as metal of any kind, pavers, plastic etc. These contaminates cause damage to machinery used to mulch the green waste. Plastic in the green waste is not acceptable because it makes the mulched material unsuitable for reuse.
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