Registering Your Dog

All dogs aged three (3) months or over must be registered with your local Council. The purpose of this is to provide quick and easy identification of your dog, should it be found wondering or become lost. It is an offence for a registered dog not to wear a current registration disc, unless it is confined to the premises occupied by the person responsible for the dog. New owners have 14 days to register their dog once they take ownership or become responsible for the dog.

Owning or keeping an unregistered dog may incur an $80 expiation fee or a maximum penalty of $250 imposed by the court. Further penalties can be imposed by every 14 days the dog remains unregistered.

Dog registrations are due from 1 July and must be renewed by 31 August each year.

Owners of dogs who have not renewed the registration by 31 August each year will incur a $25.00 late payment fee in addition to the renewal fee applicable, and may received a fine for having an unregistered dog.

Please note you will need to provide proof of certificates for any of the listed discounts. Click here to view a list of dog registration fees.

For information on these responsibilities click here to view the Dog Owners Handbook , a link from the Good Dog SA website.

For more information on dog limits and specifications for the Wakefield Regional Council district, please view the Council By-Law. If for any reason you wish to apply for an exemption for the By-Law, you will need to submit a By-Law Exemption Form to the Council office.



Wakefield Regional Council Dog and Cat Management Plan

Animal Management Plan 2017 – 2022

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