Fire Prevention

Fire Danger Season Dates
District: Mid North
Start Date: 1st November
End Date: 30 April (midnight)
* Fire Danger Season dates are subject to change
Please contact the CFS Hotline on 1300 362 361 or visit for further information on fire ban days etc .
Fire Permits for Broad Acre Farming
Conditional Permit Burning Season – 1 March to 30 April
A permit can be obtained by contacting the Council Office. All conditions outlined on the permits must be adhered to at all times under State legislation.
Once you have received your permit, it is still a requirement for you to contact Council on the daily basis if you are burning off.
When the fire permit has been issued it is the permit holders responsibility to maintain a safe burn off and must be mindful of local weather condition and be aware of any possible change in those weather conditions.
Fire & Emergency Services Act & Regulations 2005, Permit Conditions
Council Permit Conditions
Chaff Dump Pile Burning Conditions
Broad Acre Burning Conditions
Burning on Domestic and Non-Domestic Premises
Burning hours between:
10.00am – 3.00pm Monday to Saturday
No burning permitted on Sundays or Public Holidays.
If you are wanting to have a small fire (a comfort fire) it needs to be no bigger than 1 metre square, with a 4 metre clearance around and above, in a 20cm deep trench.
Incinerator use is allowed in a properly constructed incinerator with a 4 metre clearance around and above.
For more information with regards to burning on domestic and non-domestic premises see the Environment Protection Authority’s Air Quality Control Policy.
Maintaining your Property
Under Section 105F of the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005, property owners are required to maintain their land to prevent / inhibit the outbreak or spread of fire on their property.
In assisting you to comply with this, you are required to take the following action:
  • Within 20 metres of any building, reduce all grass, pest plants and undergrowth to a maximum height of 100mm
  • If the land is a vacant block under half a hectare in area, reduce all grass, pest plants and undergrowth to a maximum height of 100mm over the whole block.
  • If the land is a vacant block over half a hectare in area, establish and maintain a fuel break around the whole area, placed as near as practicable to the perimeter. The fuel break shall be at least a 5 metre wide strip on which all grass, pest plants and undergrowth is reduced to a maximum height of 100mm.

For more information on Fire Prevention please contact Council’s Fire Prevention Officer by phoning 8862 0800, or email

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